Braised pork in brown sauce

put side pork 1 lb, a few slices of ginger and rice wine in water, stew them for 15 min.

oil, sugar preheat in the pot, till the sugar started to change its color, then add the pork, some Chinese cinamon, bay leaf and  star anises, and stir fry for several minutes.

Add water and soy sauce. Water should just over the pork. Then heat till it boiled, and change to low fire, braise for over 30 minutes. 1 hour would be the best.

Then remove the lid, change to high fire, wait untill the sauce became thick and less than the beginning.

Turn off the fire.


Recipe Story:

It is from my dad. That was one day before I go abroad for undergrad learning. He was warried about my life in the United States because he could not get used of the food here, and he thought I would be the same. He said never treat myself too harsh, be kind to myself. And the best way for a Chinese people to treat oneself better, is to eat better. Having delicious food is so important and it rooted in our culture. Food is not only things that feed us, but also something represent our lives, our identification, and even our existence.

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