Gloria’s Cinnamon Rolls

Recipe Story:

This is a recipe that I don't know and probably never will. My grandmother, GG, passed away about a year ago in 2018, and she took her coveted cinnamon roll recipe. I never got to taste this deletable dish because GG stopped cooking when I was a child. My mom talked about it all the time. She would ask GG for the recipe and GG could never manage to find it. GG was always very secretive and didn't really like sharing though, so we don't know if there was a physical copy or if she passed it onto a cousin or if it was just in her head. The recipe only lives on in attempted experiments from cook books or websites. When we travel, my mom and I always split a cinnamon roll at a bakery, but nothing has ever measurted up. We'll probably be on a cinnamon roll hunt forever, but it's a nice way my only-child mother gets to share a memory from her youth about her mother. It's one of the nicer memories I know about this hot-headed woman's relationship with my mom. Perhaps one day we'll manage to find something, but really, I thinking just remembering my grandmother is the most important part of our cinnamon roll search.

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