Julekake (Norwegian Christmas Bread)

24 cardamom pods, shell and grind seeds

3 sticks butter  3 c. milk  1.5 c. sugar  3 t. salt

3 eggs  1 T. yeast (or 1 pkg.)

white flour

1c. each citron (you can get this at Christmas…it’s used in fruit cake) and raisins

Prepare cardamom; heat milk and butter; stir in sugar, salt and cardemom and cool to luke warm in a large mixing bowl; add eggs and mix well.

Prepare yeast in .5 cup luke warm water with a pinch of sugar; let proof 5 min. then add to above mixture when it has cooled down

Add white flour to the point of an oatmeal-like consistancy; cover with a cloth and let rise to double (about 1 hr.)

Add citron and raisin and stir well to distribute; add enough flour to make a stiff dough

Turn out and knead well, adding flour as needed; let rise to double in an oiled bowl; knead, shape into loaves and let rise to nearly double;

Bake in a preheated 350 deg. oven for 45 min. to 1 hr.; I check for done-ness by touching a licked index finger quickly and lightly to the bottom of each pan…a prompt hiss means it’s done

Turn out on a rack to cool completely



From the Recipe Box of: Gudrun Fossum Clausen, emigrated from Norway in 1900, my grandmother

Recipe Story:

My sisters and I still make this every Christmas. This is really a yeasted cake. If you like cardamom this is a great way to celebrate it! Have it for breakfast with coffee.

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